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Installation of Pipelines by Horizontal Directional Drilling, An Engineering Design Guide
September 23, 2015
This report replaces the original engineering design guide published in 1995 by the Pipeline Research Committee (PRC) of the American Gas Association. It is a comprehensive, updated engineering design guide intended to serve as a step by step guide for engineers engaged in the evaluation, design, ...
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  • Choquette
    Release Date07/10/2017
    Free download for members HERE.
    Release DateJuly 10, 2017

    The Pipeline Research Council International has funded multiple projects focusing on using reciprocating engine operating data to diagnose combustion problems. This effort extends those techniques on reciprocating compressor units including the gas compressor, main ...

  • Dickau
    Release Date06/01/2017
    Free download for members HERE.
    Release DateJune 1, 2017
    The vertical can booster pump is used extensively in pipeline service where low suction pressures prevent the use of above-grade horizontal pumps. These typically appear at storage terminals for transferring oil from storage vessels (tanks) to large pipeline pumps or to other storage vessels. The ...
  • Brydie, Jafari, Trottier
    Release Date05/04/2017
    Free download for members HERE.
    Release DateMay 4, 2017
    The dispersion and migration behavior of hydrocarbon products leaking at low rates (i.e. 1bbl/day and 10 bbl/day) from a pipeline have been studied using a combination of experimental leakage tests and numerical simulations. The focus of this study was to determine the influence of subsurface ...
  • George, Thorson
    Release Date04/19/2017
    CopyrightPRCI 2017
    Free download for members HERE.
    Release DateApril 19, 2017
    Probes for natural gas sample collection and analysis must extend far enough into the pipeline to avoid contaminants at the pipe wall, but must not be so long that there is a risk of flow induced resonant vibration and failure. PRCI has sponsored a project to determine the minimum probe depth for ...
  • Price, Yoel, Asari
    Release Date03/30/2017
    Free download for members HERE.
    Release DateMarch 30, 2017
    This report describes the development and analysis of the prototype Automated Threat Detection System (ATDS), an aircraft-mounted technology system capable of automatically acquiring, analyzing, and communicating data that identifies pipeline Right-of-Way (ROW) machinery threats with high ...
  • King
    Release Date03/27/2017
    Free download for members HERE.
    Release DateMarch 27, 2017
    This report describes a review of the long-term field performance and the failure modes and effects of fusion-bonded epoxy (FBE) external pipeline coating. Field data have been obtained from various PRCI member companies and, where possible, are used to validate information obtained from the review ...
  • Millott
    Release Date03/16/2017
    Free download for members HERE.
    Release DateMarch 16, 2017
    This document is intended to serve as a technical specification and best practices guide for implementation of a successful Continuous Engine Performance Monitoring System (CEPM). The CEPM systems are defined by weighing the required levels of compliance, remote maintenance, and monitoring ...
  • Lieuwen, et al.
    Release Date03/16/2017
    Free download for members HERE.
    Release DateMarch 16, 2017
    Pipeline natural gas, while dominantly composed of methane, also contains various amounts of diluents, hydrogen, and hydrocarbons. The objective of this report is to describe how variations in fuel composition influence gas turbine emissions, operability, and operational range (turndown). A key ...
  • Ellor, Ault
    Release Date03/10/2017
    Free download for members HERE.
    Release DateMarch 10, 2017
    The current program examined the use of structural spray polyurethane foams (SPF) used in the pipeline industry as line supports (foam ditch pads) or as erosion-control devices (foam trench breakers). Of concern are requirements that pipelines are protected by “non-shielding” coatings and that ...
  • Cazenave, Gao
    Release Date12/12/2016
    Free download for members HERE.
    Release DateDecember 12, 2016
    The project “Development of an Industry Test Facility and Qualification Processes for in-line inspection (ILI) technology Evaluation and Enhancements” aims to expand knowledge of ILI technology performance and identify gaps where new technology is needed. Additionally, this project aims to provide ...
  • Hohn, Zeng
    Release Date08/05/2016
    Free download for members HERE.
    Release DateAugust 5, 2016
    There is a need for highly efficient processes for treating the engine exhaust from natural gas-powered engine in order to meet current and potential environmental regulations. One means to do so is to employ dithering, where the air to fuel ratio sent to the engine is cycled between high and low ...
  • Mittelstadt, et al.
    Release Date07/06/2016
    Free download for members HERE.
    Release DateJuly 6, 2016
    Pipeline Research Council International (PRCI) has undertaken a program to develop comprehensive guidance for the pipeline industry on the use of hydrostatic testing as an integrity management tool. Integrity management of carbon steel mainline piping is the focus of this work, however selected ...
  • Ridens, Simons, Brun
    Release Date07/01/2016
    Free download for members HERE.
    Release DateJuly 1, 2016
    In order to have an improved understanding of the applicability of standard EOS in pipeline applications, a set of gas physical property tests were undertaken with sweet and sour natural gas and CO2 mixtures at typical pipeline compositions and conditions, including new high pressure dense phase ...
  • Timmermans et al.
    Release Date06/02/2016
    Free download for members HERE.
    Release DateJune 2, 2016
    In Phase 1 of this project, a complete catalog of existing launching and receiving systems was created and experience feedback from a broad industry group was gathered. The majority of the hazards identified from the Phase 1 feedback were related to the installation, operation, and environmental ...
  • Hawley, Thorson
    Release Date05/19/2016
    Free download for members HERE.
    Release DateMay 19, 2016
    This project investigated the velocity profile downstream from three commercially available dry gas filters and the effect of this profile on an ultrasonic meter installed in an AGA 9 default configuration. The inlet profile and condition of the filter element were varied to determine the ...
  • Zurcher
    Release Date05/16/2016
    Free download for members HERE.
    Release DateMay 16, 2016
    This study evaluated the effectiveness of ECDA as an inspection methodology and integrity assessment process. This was performed through a series of steps including the following: • Developing and sending out questionnaires to a broad array of pipeline companies. The questionnaire looked for ...