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The Design, Materials & Construction (DMC) Technical Committee focuses research efforts on the development of safe, environmentally responsible, cost-effective and reliable solutions for the design, construction and operation of energy pipelines. DMC research enhances the performance of new pipelines through development and implementation of new design methods, materials, and construction technologies.
  • Nondestructive Testing (NDT): radiography, UT, MPT for new construction and materials qualification
  • Pipe repairs
  • Design practices and methodology for onshore, arctic and offshore pipelines, including RBDA, strain-based design, offshore design standard updates, etc.
  • Pipeline structural integrity
  • Evaluation and characterization of weather and outside forces with respect to fit for purpose design and structural integrity issues
  • Material behaviour and performance, including high strength pipe, fracture control, specification protocol
  • Materials properties and responses to internal and external loads and other conditions such as damage; includes both conventional and new materials
  • Welding process and procedure; Welding materials properties and conditions under which competent welds can be made
  • Girth welding inspection technologies and weld defect assessment
  • Construction technologies and practices, including HDD, AIV, etc.
  • Mechanical damage assessment