“The TDC enables efficient and timely access to industry samples in support of technology projects and programs.The TDC is a success story in and of itself; there is no other similar or comparable collection in the world...”
Eric Amundsen, TDC Steering Committee member and Past Board Chair
PRCI Membership Benefits and Utilizing the TDC
  • Technology Development Center Overview The Technology Development Center (TDC) is a major commitment by the energy pipeline industry to address the key issues that it faces to ensure the safety of the national and international pipeline system. Having a single location able to accumulate former in-service pipe materials with real-world pipeline features/flaws is invaluable to PRCI’s R&D Program and the industry, and provides a central point for hosting industry-sponsored training and workshops. ● The TDC is located over eight acres in Houston, Texas and includes a five acre state-of-the-art pull test facility, and over 20,000 sq. ft. workshop and test facility with an additional 9,000 sq. ft. of office and meeting space. It provides the industry with an independent third party site to fully understand the capabilities of current tools and to guide the development of the new technologies needed to push towards that goal.