Partners & Affiliates

Industry Organizations

Just as PRCI serves as the focus of the energy pipeline industry’s collaboration on research development, there are several key trade associations around the world that represent the economic, legislative, and regulatory interests of the industry. For many of these organizations, PRCI has provided essential technical support to the advocacy of important industry initiatives undertaken in these organizations for the benefit of their members and the industry at large. By continually working to grow and expand its relationship with these organizations, PRCI is able to both advance its research portfolio, and identify research opportunities for the membership and the industry. PRCI and these organizations benefit from the fact that each shares many common members.

The following are the key trade associations with which PRCI participates in both formal and informal ways. And, in the case of the Association of Oil Pipe Lines, the relationship has been translated into membership:

Research Organizations

In order to increase the scope of its research portfolio, leverage its available resources, and share knowledge, PRCI has developed relationships of varying degrees of formality with the following organizations and groups having complementary interests. And, in the case of the Australian Pipelines & Gas Association, the relationship has been translated into membership via its Research & Standards Committee:

Research Contractors

PRCI is justifiably recognized as the preeminent collaborative R&D program in the world through its engagement with a multitude of research development organizations ranging from large, multi-discipline corporations and nonprofit institutions to small, pipeline niche firms to major colleges and universities. With direction and funding from PRCI, these organizations develop the research that PRCI member companies and the wider industry apply on pipeline systems around the world.