• Benefits
    PRCI's Value Proposition is to use the leverage generated by our members’ resource contributions to create a research forum of ideas and results producing solutions that assure the safe, reliable, environmentally sound, and cost-effective pipeline transportation of energy to consumers worldwide. Because our operating model for research planning, execution, and deployment is founded on this Proposition, our members enjoy important benefits from their participation in PRCI across a spectrum of quantified benefits. These have been demonstrated, through formal benefit/cost studies of member participation, to yield consistently positive ratios in the range of 4:1 to 7:1, even as high as 25:1, from reduced costs of operations and maintenance, inspection, materials, design, construction, and testing.

    These benefits are substantially augmented by several important elements that are not immediately quantifiable but which are fundamental to both the development of research and its application, including:

    • A professional research management infrastructure;
    • A highly-leveraged research investment;
    • The earliest access to emerging technology;
    • A forum for the exchange of operating knowledge — problems and solutions — comprised of a peer group of industry experts;
    • The opportunity to expand the knowledge base of the industry, the company, and the employee;
    • Enhancing the credibility of the member and the industry through a commitment to planning for continuing improvement in system performance; and,
    • Providing a forum for addressing unique, time-sensitive problems and a means to avoid duplicate efforts.
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