PRCI Webinar:Remaining Life Model and Assessment Tool for Dents and Gouges

Thu, March 30, 2023

Thursday, March 30, 2023 | 10:00 am EDT

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Join the PRCI Integrity and Inspection Technical Committee as they present research results for Remaining Life Model and Assessment Tool for Dents and Gouges.

The following key points will be discussed:

(1) A novel pragmatic fatigue model was developed for predicting fatigue crack growth life for pipelines containing dents and gouges

(2) The model can be used as a screening tool to rank the severity of dent and gouge defects

(3) The model can be used as an assessment tool to predict conservative fatigue life for dent and gouge defects


Presenter: Xiankui Zhu, Battelle Savannah River Alliance                

Host:  Shenwei Zhang,TC Energy

Moderator: Jim Wayman, PRCI


Make the most of your time by reviewing the related research reports prior to the webinar:


PR-644-213803-R01 Fatigue Life Models for Pipeline Containing Dents and Gouges 


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