The PRCI Emerging Fuels Institute Releases White Papers for Hydrogen and Natural Gas Blends

Mon, February 06, 2023

With the recent release of eight technical white papers around emerging fuels and pipeline safety & integrity, the Pipeline Research Council International’s (PRCI) Emerging Fuels Institute (EFI) is consolidating global research outputs to define the current state of knowledge surrounding hydrogen and natural gas blends and refine what remains to be learned. 

Titles include: 

  • Hydrogen/Natural Gas Blends and Pipeline Integrity 
  • Hydrogen/Natural Gas Blends in Existing Natural Gas Pipelines 
  • Hydrogen/Natural Gas Blending and Safety, Inspection, and Maintenance 
  • Hydrogen/Natural Gas Blending and Separation 
  • Hydrogen/Natural Gas Blend Measurement and Gas Quality 
  • Storage of Hydrogen/Natural Gas Blends 
  • Hydrogen/Natural Gas Blends and Compressor Stations 
  • Hydrogen/Natural Gas Blends and End-User Equipment 

The goal of these white papers is to provide the basis for identifying and establishing the safest and most efficient methods for transporting and storing hydrogen in the world’s energy pipeline systems. 

As the focus on the next generation of fuels continues to grow around the world, research is being collaboratively discussed, conducted, and implemented to ensure the safe transport and storage of these fuels. As new knowledge is developed, these guidance documents will be updated to provide the industry, government, and public with the latest information and be leveraged to support the development of industry guidance for the transportation and storage of hydrogen. 

The PRCI Emerging Fuels Institute is working to clearly define the research needed for the transporting and storing of hydrogen and hydrogen blends. In 2020, PRCI completed the state of the art (SOTA) reports on transporting and storing hydrogen and renewable natural gas, which in turn became the basis for establishing the EFI for addressing the key research issues. 

In addition to the EFI, global PRCI partners European Pipeline Research Group (EPRG), the Europe Gas Research Group (GERG), Australia Pipeline & Gas Association (APGA) and the Future Fuels Collaborative Research Center (FFCRC) also perform the research needed as identified in the SOTA. Within North America, research identified in the SOTA is now being executed by the Department of Energy, Natural Resources Canada, GTI Energy/Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) partnership, and many other industry partners. 

Download the white papers here: PR744-22113-Z01 Hydrogen Natural Gas Blends in Existing Natural Gas Systems | PRCI 

Contact EFI SME Jeff Whitworth, EFI Chairperson Mirela Hiti, or PRCI Program Manager Carolyn DesCoteaux to join the EFI or for more information.