Call for Pipes in Support of PRCI-PHSMA Research Effort

Mon, August 17, 2020

The NDE-2-11 study, Advanced Computed Tomography (CT) for Pipeline Inspection, is being co-funded by PRCI and the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA). The aim of this study is to reduce uncertainty in pipeline assessment methods by generating a set of “truth data” based on fabricated synthetic crack-like features that can be used to validate both in-line and in-the-ditch inspection technologies. An important aim of this research is to develop and validate processes for fabricating synthetic features on a repeatable and reliable basis using full-cylinder pipe samples. These manufactured samples will be used to calibrate the CT technology system and verify sizing accuracy.
An essential element in this program is acquiring pipeline materials. Although it is possible to use modern pipe, it is preferable to use vintage pipe materials, especially pipe having low frequency ERW seam welds. For this reason, PRCI and ADV Integrity, Inc., are requesting the donation of pipe materials with diameters of 24 inches or less. If available, we are requesting pipe with the following information:
  • Pipe diameter, wall thickness, and grade
  • Year of construction and manufacturer
  • Type of service/product

Contact Zoe Shall to discuss pipe donations.

Additional Samples Needed:

  • ERW pipe with OD in the range of 12-24”, grade X60-X70, lean chemical composition (Pcm < 0.14)
  • Length: either one piece with a length of 10+ OD or two pieces each with a length 5+ OD (preferably both pieces from the same joint or same heat)
  • Tank Data Request - Click to view details
Contact Laurie Perry to discuss sample donations.