Technology Development Center Coupon Rental Program

Mon, September 07, 2020

Over the last several years PRCI has conducted research related to the verification and validation of pipe material properties, which have resulted in pipe samples that have undergone rigorous testing regimens. 

The first example of this is from a report, published in 2018, Validation of In Situ Methods for Material Property Determination (NDE-4-8), which resulted in various pipe samples that underwent:
  • Tensile testing
  • Charpy V-Notch
  • Commercially available material verification tests (HSD, PMI, IIS, Checkmate)
  • Chemical analysis
  • Metallurgical characterization
The second report, published in 2019, Hard Spot Verification and Validation - Phase II (NDE-4-11)was integral in establishing qualification test programs for non-destructive testing for hard spots in plate steel. The steel faces with thin hard spots of various size and hardness remain in the PRCI pipe inventory.

All of these samples are available for rent, among others, with numerous operators and technology providers having since tested their methodologies and new technologies against these samples and the abundant data available in the corresponding research reports. 

Please contact TDC Operations Facility Manager 
Lance Abney to inquire about renting these coupon samples or to learn more about how your company might benefit from their use.