PRCI Hosts Strategic Research Priorities Webinar Series

Wed, April 29, 2020

Join PRCI for a member-only webinar series on the Strategic Research Priorities (SRPs). The series will be kicked off with a town hall presentation, hosted by PRCI Chair Walter Kresic, PRCI President Cliff Johnson, and Research Steering Committee (RSC) Chair Mark Piazza, that will provide members with an overview of the process to identify, prioritize, and approve SRPs, as well as address questions.

Following the town hall, individual webinars will be held to provide overviews for of each of the recently approved SRPs that will feature RSC Chair Mark Piazza and the SRP Champions.

Register for the individual webinars below. Each webinar will be recorded for those that are not able to attend the live sessions; therefore, please register to automatically receive a link to the recording once it is completed.

PRCI WEBINAR: Strategic Research Priorities Town Hall Meeting

PRCI WEBINAR: SRP - Optimize the Detection and Mitigation of Mechanical Damage 

PRCI WEBINAR: SRP - Greenhouse Gases Emissions Reduction

PRCI WEBINAR: SRP - Pathway to Achieving Efficient and Effective Crack Management


Visit the PRCI website to see more webinars that may be of interest to you. Professional Development Hours (PDHs) are available.