PRCI WEBINAR (RECORDING): Pipeline Lifting & Lowering-in Stress Application Tool

Wed, September 25, 2019

Click to view the webinar recording. Webinar runtime: 56 minutes

Join the PRCI Design, Materials & Construction Technical Committee as they demonstrate an application tool designed to manage stress during the lifting and lowering-in process, along with guidelines for its use. 

Learning outcomes/benefits of attending:
* Understand the importance of managing stresses during lifting 
  and lowering-in.

* Learn how to use the Pipeline Lifting and Lowering in Stress 
  Application Tool (CNST-2-2) to develop lifting plans that can be 
  used to ensure that stresses during lifting and lowering-in do 
  not exceed a given value.

* Learn how trade-offs can be managed between different 
  construction conditions, such as number of sidebooms, spacing 
  between sidebooms, or lifting height.

* Learn how the Pipeline Lifting and Lowering in Stress 
  Application Tool (CNST-2-2) deliverables fit in the broader 
  context of a construction project.

Who should attend?
Pipeline construction personnel and pipeline design engineers.

Recommended pre-reading:
PR-186-124510-Z02 Pipeline Lifting and Lowering-in Stress Application Tool  

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