Recent Activities at the TDC

Thu, March 30, 2017

The Technology Development Center in Houston, TX has seen a surge of activities since the start of 2017. There are a number of ongoing PRCI-funded projects that are leveraging the pull test facility and the newly constructed liquid loop to complete their scope. PRCI Project MD-1-13 is construction of a second 24” pull string that will be used to assess the ability of commercially available inline inspection technologies to discriminate between various anomalies in mechanical damage features. PRCI Project NDE-1-7 is utilizing the 6” liquid test loop to test inline inspection tools to better manage the inspection and integrity of difficult to inspect pipeline segments. Lastly, the construction of a 12” liquid test loop has begun under PRCI Project NDE-4-2, with the intent of commissioning that new loop in early Q3 2017.

Construction of a 40-foot 24” Pipe Joint with Various Mechanical Damage Features

In addition of PRCI-funded research, PRCI member companies have utilized the TDC to conduct a number of research projects either independently or through consortia. These projects have captalized on the existing pull test stings and other pipe samples in PRCI’s inventory to conduct research. Others are expanding on the existing assets to allow testing in additional pipe diameters. Other examples of TDC utilization include NDE personnel testing and certification, Technical Committee and project team meetings, and educational tours. Finally, the TDC has seen an increase in members who are donating samples that contain real world anomalies which future research can leverage. Obtaining real world samples from our members is critical for future research. Please contact us at for pipe donations or sample requests.