The TDC Continues to Experience a High Level of Activity

Fri, November 17, 2017

The Technology Development Center (TDC) continues to experience a high level of activity in the third quarter. Ongoing research at the TDC consists of both PRCI-funded R&D projects and member-funded work through joint industry initiatives or independent work. Ongoing PRCI funded research include the following projects:

NDE Technology Demonstration at the TDC Warehouse Facility

PRCI member companies continue to employ the TDC to execute research projects and conduct meetings specific to their interests. Member funded research at the TDC allows for a quick response to industry challenges or operational conditions that are unique to a given operator.

At the pull test facility, PRCI successfully completed repeated inline inspection pull tests on a 42-inch pipe string.  This testing achieved the largest diameter inline inspection pulls completed in North America.  The project tested 180 feet of featured pipe joints at speeds between 1m/s and 3m/s. The project’s execution (construction, testing and demobilization) spanned only three weeks from the date the pipe was delivered to the TDC to the date the pipe was hauled away.

Construction of the 42-inch Pull Test String

PRCI also successfully completed multiple liquid inline inspection tests using water in a 20-inch test string. The pipe string was over 350 feet and required the fabrication of custom launching and receiving test headers to accommodate the tool’s size. PRCI contracted with a third-party contractor to provide the pumping capability for testing.

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