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“Keep up the webinars! I have attended several and always find them very useful and informative.” – Corrosion Specialist, Chevron

"The presenters did a great job presenting the necessary information and not getting bogged down in unnecessary details." – Director Integrity Services, RCP, Inc.

“Excellent presentation: clear and concise material that can be applied in our company.” – Asset Integrity Specialist, Shell Pipeline Company

“The presentation was organized, professional, and informative. I’m glad I had an opportunity to participate.” – Pipeline Integrity Engineer, MarkWest Energy Partners


Sep 16 PRCI WEBINAR: Pre-Chamber Compendium Review – Member only
Sep 17 PRCI WEBINAR: ERW Fatigue Life Integrity Management Improvement - Phase III – Public
Sep 19 PRCI WEBINAR: Competency in the Pipeline Industry: An Industry Survey – Member only
Sep 24 PRCI WEBINAR: Pipeline Lifting & Lowering-in Stress Application Tool – Member only

Oct 02 PRCI WEBINAR: In-line Inspection Crack Tool Reliability and Performance Evaluation - Public
Oct 09 PRCI WEBINAR: Field Demonstration of Fully Integrated NSCR System – Public
Oct 29 PRCI WEBINAR: AC Criteria and Coupons – Public

Nov 05 PRCI WEBINAR: Peer Review of the Plausible Profile (Psqr) Corrosion Assessment Model - Public
Nov 12 PRCI WEBINAR: Guidelines for Integrity Assessment of Difficult to Inspect Pipelines – Public
Nov 13 PRCI WEBINAR: Effects of Changing Gas Composition on Flow Measurement Error – Member only
Nov 14 PRCI WEBINAR: Full-scale Fatigue Testing of Crack-in Dent and Development of Framework for Life Prediction – Public

Dec 05 PRCI WEBINAR: Improved SoLoNOx Taurus 60 Control Algorithm to Reduce Part Load Emissions – Member only
Dec 10 PRCI WEBINAR: Use of LiDAR Data Collected for Geohazard Management - Public

Coming 2020
Jan 16 PRCI WEBINAR: Field Trial of Electric Seal Boost System for Solar Turbine Dry Gas Seals – Member only
Jan 21 PRCI WEBINAR: Assessing High Voltage DC Interference Risks on Buried Pipelines – Public

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