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ENV-6-1 Field Validation of Surface Loading Stress Calculations for Buried Pipelines Phase II
NDE-3-2 Integrity Assessment of Difficult to Inspect Pipelines
MEAS-6-19 Calibration Gas on Chromatograph Performance
PL-1-4 Water Leak Detection

PL-1A Field Testing of Selected Technologies for in situ Detection of Small Leaks from Liquid Pipelines
MATR-3-12 Evaluation of Delamination and Disbonding on the Composite Repair Performance
EC-4-6 Improving Corrosion ILI Sizing Models for Long Complex Corrosion Anomalies
EC-2-7 Minimize Model Uncertainty in Current Corrosion Assessment Criteria

EC-4-5 Quantification of ILI Sizing Uncertainties
MEAS-6-20 Using Diagnostic Data to Estimate the Installation of Ultrasonic Meters

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