China Petroleum Pipeline Engineering Co., Ltd. (CPP) Associate Member
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  • Year Joined 2010

China Petroleum Pipeline Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter abbreviated as CPP) is a professional company specializing in constructing oil & gas storage and transportation infrastructure, devoting itself to delivering quality project and service thus to create wealth and value for the society.

CPP Builds High Quality Projects. From its foundation in 1973, CPP has stuck to the concept of “Quality, Safety and Environment”. CPP has worked with more than 70 oil and gas companies both in China and abroad, including Exxon Mobil, BP, Shell, Saudi Aramco, CNOOC, SINOPEC, etc. It has built over 120000 km long-distance pipelines such as the West-East Gas Pipeline, the TransAsia Gas Pipeline, the Shaanxi-Beijing Gas Pipeline and the Myanmar-China Pipeline, installed 150 km offshore pipelines such as the Tanzania Natural Gas Pipeline, erected 21.55 million cubic meters crude oil and product oil storage tanks in Zhoushan and Lanzhou, and built China’s first underground oil storage carven. Since 2010, 24 projects have won national quality awards, such as the 2016 Luban Award for the Myanmar-China Pipeline (Myanmar Section), and the Zhantianyou Award for the TransAsia Gas Pipeline Line A and Line B.

CPP Provides Integrated Solutions.CPP works all over China and other 47 countries in 6 regions including Middle East, Africa, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, Oceania, and South America. CPP has established strategic partnership with around 80 well-known enterprises and organizations including Fluor, Wally Parson, SinoSure, and China Africa Development Fund, enabling itself to integrate and configure resources globally. Based on its years of experience in various projects, CPP has built a complete industry chain covering R&D, consultation, funding, survey, design, procurement, coating, manufacturing, commissioning, operation and maintenance, and can construct and manage oil & gas storage and transportation facilities in their total life cycle.


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