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Christophe Renier 2/6/2020 Storengy COO/CTO
Matt Frank 7/31/2019 National Fuel Vice President
Gina Orozco 10/29/2019 SoCalGas Vice President, Gas Engineering & System Integrity
Hervé Gueveneux 9/19/2019 Total Head of Pipeline and Riser Technology herve.gueveneux@total.com
Jamie Chapman 9/14/2021 Colonial Senior Vice President, Technical Services
Jeannette Lindemann 9/19/2023 PG&E Senior Manager
John Haldiman 9/19/2011 Plains Managing Director, Technical Services and Energy
Joe Zhou 6/6/2023 TC Energy VP, Engineering & Asset Integrity | Chief Engineer
Justin Pullukatt 2/5/2023 ATCO Director, Project Execution
Li Yanmin 6/18/2010 CPPE Director of Science and Technology Center
Mark Gebbia 5/5/2016 Williams Vice President, Environmental
Matthew Young 5/27/2020 ExxonMobil Global Pipeline Integrity Manager
Maureen Droessler 1/12/2016 OTD Director
Michael Bellamy 3/5/2010 Baker Hughes Vice President, Process & Pipeline Services
Michael Smith 3/29/2022 Enterprise
David Murk 1/1/2000 API Pipeline, Manager
Nick Homan 4/10/2018 Marathon Integrity & Corrosion Engineering Manager
Nicola Killen 10/20/2020 Chevron Pipeline and Asset Integrity Manager
Patrick Vieth 6/28/2022 PrevianPrevian
Paul Huddleston 2/15/2019 Trans Mountain VP Engineering and Operations