PRCI Completes Development of a ILI Performance Test Loop for Liquid Coupled Technologies

Mon, October 17, 2016

After months of planning and construction, PRCI is proud to announce the completion of a liquid flow loop for testing the performance of pipeline internal cleaning and inspection technologies. The flow loop is located at PRCI’s Technology Development Center in Houston, TX. The design incorporates the ability for continuous test cycles, accommodates loops from 6 inch to 12 inch nominal pipe size, and has the physical space and access to include a variety of pipeline configurations that can be encountered in pipelines ranging from the easily piggable to “difficult to inspect”. Water is selected as the medium used for testing, with future plans aiming to utilize hydrocarbons for testing and qualification of leak detection technologies. Immediate plans to utilize this new asset are already in place and funded by existing PRCI research projects. The test loop can be made available to non-PRCI members upon request. For inquiries regarding the test loop’s availability, specifications and capabilities, please contact the TDC.

TDC Liquid Test Loop