PRCI WEBINAR (RECORDING): Accuracy of Temperature Logging for Calculating Gas Inventory in Storage Caverns

Wed, July 10, 2019

WEBINAR RUNTIME: 41 minutes. Click the below registeration button to access a recording of this webinar.

HOST: John Jackson, Enbridge

The PRCI Underground Storage Technical Committee invites you to join them as they present the results from a research project that evaluated the accuracy of downhole wireline temperature logging, and the related calculation methods, to estimate gas inventory in storage caverns. 

Expected Benefits/Learning Outcomes:  
• Gain an understanding of how inaccurate wireline temperature logging impacts the estimated gas inventory in storage caverns;
• Find out what factors have the greatest influence on the accuracy of wireline temperature logging and
• Learn how suitable wireline temperature logging is for estimating gas inventories.

Who Should Attend? 
• Gas Storage Personnel
• Field Engineers
• Integrity Engineers

New regulations enacted by the Pipeline and Hazardous Safety Administration (PHMSA) require gas cavern operators to calculate gas inventories to ensure continuance of cavern integrity; therefore, PRCI members initiated research to evaluate the accuracy of conventional inventory and calculation methods currently used.

The study presents an initial computational fluid dynamic investigation into the appropriateness of wireline temperature logging for gas inventory calculations.



Recommended pre-reading: 
Project final report: PR-317-1770-R01 Accuracy of Temperature Logging for Calculating Gas Inventory in Storage Caverns

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