PRCI WEBINAR (RECORDING): Substandard Properties in Pipeline Fittings and Flanges

Thu, February 28, 2019

Webinar runtime: 56 minutes. Click the register button below to access the recording of the webinar.

Date: Thursday, March 21, 2019
Time: 2:00 PM ET

Presenter: Fateh Fazeli, PhD, CanmetMaterials
Host: Rich Thompson, Chevron Pipe Line Company
Moderator: Thomas Marlow, PRCI

This webinar will discuss results from a project that reviewed instances of substandard high yield (42-80 ksi) fittings and flanges that occurred over the past few years in Canada and the USA.  In response, PRCI launched project MAT-7-1 to investigate some of the potential metallurgical causes of this issue. The main activities in this project included a survey of operators and manufacturers, a review of the scientific literature pertinent to the metallurgy of fittings and flanges, a critical review of the relevant MSS and CSA manufacturing standards, as well as a summary of proposed changes for MSS-SP-44 that have been recommended by API Sub Committee 21 (Materials working group on pipeline flange and fitting quality).

The webinar provides information from the findings of the project that should be useful for operators and manufacturers on the metallurgy pertinent to the manufacturing of fittings and flanges. The information should also help to improve standard practices, as well as the quality and reliability of pipeline fittings and flanges.

Expected Benefits/Learning Outcomes:

• Become acquainted with challenges faced by manufacturers and operators with the production and qualification of pipeline components, and possible remedial options

• Gain a better understanding of metallurgical principles pertaining to the selection of suitable steels and heat treatment parameters for fittings and flanges

• Develop a familiarity with industry standards and specifications for fittings and flanges, and recently proposed revisions

Who Should Attend?

• Metallurgists

• Pipe manufacturers

• Pipeline design engineers

Recommended Pre-reading:

PR-631-174506-R02 - Substandard Properties in Pipeline Fittings and Flanges

This webinar is free to PRCI members. Non-members will be charged $100 to access the webinar registration link.