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Thu, June 29, 2017

June 29, 2017 —

NACE International will host its annual fall conference, Corrosion Technology Week 2017, September 10-14, 2017, in Indianapolis, IN, USA. This year, in addition to the working committee meetings, the conference will include it’s first keynote speaker: Laura E. Hitchcock is the The Boeing Company’s Corporate Project Manager and Senior Standards Specialist External Standards Management, and Strategy and Policy. The keynote address will be held on Tuesday, September 12, 2017, from 8a to 9a in the White River Ballroom C/D of the JW Marriot Indianapolis in Indianapolis, IN, USA.

Ms. Hitchcock is one of the world’s foremost experts on standards, and will share her insights into trends in standards and standardization from a global perspective with the conference attendees.


NACE International Technical Activities’ staff recently published the following new and revised documents. These and other NACE standards and reports are available through the online NACE Store.


ANSI/NACE No. 13/SSPC-ACS 1, Industrial Coating and Lining Application Specialist Qualification and Certification, Item # 21122 (Revised)

SP0107-2017, Electrochemical Realkalization and Chloride Extraction for Reinforced Concrete, Item # 21113 (Revised

SP0191-2017 (formerly RP0191-2002), Application of Internal Plastic Coatings for Oilfield Tubular Goods and Accessories, Item # 21048 (Revised)

SP0198-2016, The Control of Corrosion Under Thermal Insulation and Fireproofing Materials—A Systems Approach, Item # 21084 (Reaffirmed)

SP0296-2016, Detection, Repair, and Mitigation of Cracking in Refinery Equipment in Wet H2S Environments, Item # 21078 (Reaffirmed)

SP0304-2016, Design, Installation, and Operation of Thermoplastic Liners for Oilfield Pipelines, Item # 21103 (Revised)

SP0391-2016, Materials for the Handling and Storage of Commercial Concentrated (90 to 100%) Sulfuric Acid at Ambient Temperatures, Item # 21050 (Revised)

SP0492-2016, Metallurgical and Inspection Requirements for Offshore Pipeline Bracelet Anodes, Item #  21056 (Revised)

SP0516-2016, Guidelines for Data Collection and Analysis of Railroad Tank Car Interior Coating/Lining Condition, Item # 21408 (New)

SP0616-2016, Standard for Hull Roughness Measurements on Ship Hulls in Dry Dock, Item # 21407 (New

SP0716-2016, Soluble Salt Testing Frequency and Locations on Previously Coated Surfaces, Item # 21409 (New)

NACE SP21412-2016/SSPC-CPC 1, Corrosion Prevention and Control Planning, Item # 21412 (New)

TM0105-2016, Evaluation of Coatings Containing Conductive Carbon Pigmentation for Use as an Anode on Atmospherically Exposed Reinforced Concrete, Item # 21247 (Reaffirmed)

TM0190-2017, Impressed Current Laboratory Testing of Aluminum and Zinc Alloy Anodes, Item # 21221 (Reaffirmed)

TM0193-2016, Laboratory Corrosion Testing of Metals in Static Chemical Cleaning Solutions at Temperatures Below 93 °C (200 °F), Item # 21223 (Reaffirmed)

TM0198-2016, Slow Strain Rate Test Method for Screening Corrosion-Resistant Alloys (CRAs) for Stress Corrosion Cracking in Sour Oilfield Service, Item # 21232 (Reaffirmed)

TM0297-2017, Effects of High-Temperature, High-Pressure Carbon Dioxide Decompression on Elastomeric Materials, Item # 21229 (Revised)


NACE Publication 01116, State-of-the-Art Report on Evaluating Cathodic Protection Systems on Existing Reinforced Concrete Structures, Item # 01116 (New)

NACE Publication 21410, Selection of Pipeline Flow and Internal Corrosion Models, Item # 21410 (New)

NACE Publication 21413, Prediction of Internal Corrosion in Oilfield Systems from System Conditions, Item # 21413 (New)

NACE Publication 21414, Maintenance Overcoating of Railcar Exteriors, Item # 21414 (New)


Submitted by Trudy Schreiner, Committee Liaison/Editor, NACE International - June 29, 2017

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