PRCI WEBINAR: Why Cracks Fail

Wed, November 09, 2022

Wednesday, November 9, 2022 | 2:00 pm EST

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Join the PRCI Design, Materials & Construction Technical Committee as they present research conducted as to why cracks fail. The following points will be discussed during the webinar:

There were four SME sessions on the four Crack Management-SRP Pillars of Integrity - 18 SMEs total.

There was a database of 128 recent pipeline failures collected from 16 PRCI operators to guide the suggested Research Gaps for possible PRCI future efforts.

Research Gaps were broken down into 4 categories for PRCI to review and decide what efforts they might like in the future:  (1) Cracking Susceptibility - 9 gaps, (2) Inspection for Cracks - 8 gaps, (3) Assessment and Remediation - 6 gaps, and (4) Crack Managements - 5 gaps.


Presenter:  Gery Wilkowski,  Engineering Mechanics Corporation of Columbus                  

Host: Taylor Shie, Shell

Moderator:  Thomas Marlow, PRCI

Make the most of your time by reviewing the related research reports prior to the webinar:

PR-276-214503-R01 PRCI Causes of Crack Failures in Pipelines and Research Gap Analysis

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