PRCI hosts emerging fuels forum for North American government agencies

Fri, July 01, 2022

PRCI hosted an Emerging Fuels Forum with North American government bodies. The energy pipeline industry is facing its next key challenge – a low carbon and lower emissions future. Fuels are mandated to change within years in many places around the world. To be able to meet this demand, the industry must either build new pipeline systems or determine the safest way to transport and store these new fuels in the existing pipeline systems. There is no single right answer except that these proactive solutions are needed sooner rather than later.  

Recognizing the urgency and collaboration needed, PRCI held sessions last summer to facilitate conversation among the government agencies which included Canada Energy Regulator (CER), US Department of Energy (DOE), National Resources Canada (NRCAN), and Pipeline & Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA). This year, the forum continued to build stronger connections between agencies and industry. 

  • CER shared their process for developing the potential next regulations for hydrogen.  CER is working with the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) to create the tools needed to regulate the industry. 
  • DOE has an expansive research program on hydrogen and is leading research on materials properties with small scale and mid-scale tests. PRCI is working closely with each of the projects to provide industry engagement. DOE is looking for additional information around compressor and pump stations; PRCI is looking at ways to partner with DOE to address challenges in this area. 
  • NRCAN provided an overview of their Hydrogen Strategy. They are working to develop an overarching approach to a hydrogen economy for Canada. 
  • PHMSA provided insights into the activities in their research program and consideration in the regulatory arena. 

Individually, these agencies are making pipelines safer; however, to make the advances needed to transition to a low carbon future, it is vital that we all work collaboratively. PRCI has become the technical resource for transportation and storage of energy, and facilitating the sharing among our members and these government agencies is important. 

For additional information or if you have questions, please contact Cliff Johnson, PRCI president