PRCI WEBINAR (RECORDING): Full-scale Fatigue Testing of Crack-in Dent and Development of Framework for Life Prediction

Thu, November 14, 2019

Click here to view the webinar recording. Webinar runtime: 39 minutes
Join the Integrity & Inspection Technical Committee as they present this important research. Dents coincident with cracks are often observed in liquid pipelines and require immediate attention by pipeline operators. This PRCI research established a framework for the remaining life prediction of crack-in-dent by corrosion fatigue.
Benefits of attending:
- Understand the nature of cracking mechanism in dent
- Learn full-scale fatigue testing of crack-in-dent, determine fatigue crack growth rate and the failure mode, i.e., leak or rupture
- Know the environmental impact on the crack growth rate in dent
- Learn the crack tip stress intensity in dent (K-solution) and a frame-work for the life prediction of crack-in-dent by corrosion fatigue
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