PRCI Announces Update to the Thermal Analysis Model for Hot-Tap Welding

Wed, February 13, 2019

PRCI is pleased to announce that their popular software tool Thermal Analysis Model for Hot-Tap Welding (Hot-Tap Toolbox) has been updated to be Windows 10 compliant. The Hot-Tap Welding software is a stand-alone, user-friendly Windows application based on a finite element mathematical model for the purpose of reducing burn-through risk by limiting inside surface temperature and hydrogen cracking risks by reducing weld-cooling rates.

The model was designed and developed to the meet the requirements of API 1104, API 1107, ASME Section IX, BS4515, BS6990 and CSA Z662.

PRCI members may request access to the update by clicking here. Non PRCI members may purchase the update from PRCI’s authorized reseller Technical Toolboxes.