Call for Mentors for the 2018-19 Emerging Leaders in Technical Excellence Program for Young Professionals


Fri, February 02, 2018

February 02, 2018 —

Call for Mentors for the 2018-19 Emerging Leaders in Technical Excellence Program for Young Professionals sponsored by PRCI in partnership with Young Pipeliners Association of Canada (YPAC) and Young Pipeline Professionals USA (YPP USA)

PRCI is launching a mentorship program in partnership with the young pipeline professional associations in the US and Canada. The program was developed to engage the next generation of technical leaders in an effort to facilitate knowledge transfer, and feature high-potential young professionals that may aid in succession planning for PRCI technical committees.

We were pleased to have received a number of applicants from both organizations and have selected a candidate from each group, YPAC and YPP, to participate in the first year of program.  More details on the program can be found in the announcement on our website.

We are now looking for mentors on the PRCI Technical Committees to pair with the selected candidates. As seasoned industry professionals, you have experience and wisdom to share. You'll discover that a mentoring relationship is a mutually beneficial partnership in which both parties develop an enhanced self-awareness, professional network, and personal satisfaction. We are specifically looking for mentors that have a minimum of 10 years of experience in the pipeline industry as well as several years of experience on the Technical Committee and are familiar with PRCI projects and processes. If you can make the commitment to mentor a fellow PRCI member young professional, we will be delighted to match you with a mentee.

The expectation is for the mentoring relationship to last at least a year but ideally will turn into a long term partnership. The ideal mentor candidate will also attend the Technical Committee meetings throughout the year which is an expectation of the mentee to do so as well.

If you feel you can contribute and benefit from taking on a mentoring role, please contact Natalie Tessel as soon as possible indicating your interest along with a brief bio indicating your experience and expertise in the industry as well as your years of service in PRCI.  Our goal is to have the mentees matched with their mentors by the end of February ahead of the upcoming Research Exchange Meeting and TC Meetings in Miami.

We look forward to your support for a successful launch of the Emerging Leaders in Technical Excellence Program for Young Professionals. As the program develops we look forward to expanding it further and giving even more young professionals and leaders an opportunity to participate. Please feel free to contact Natalie Tessel with any questions.

Below is a series of expectations for each the mentor and mentee role.


  • Responds promptly and makes themselves available to help guide the mentee’s work
  • Promotes professional development by providing tasks to the mentee that challenge his/her abilities, while also taking into account his/her previous experience
  • Monitors mentees engagement and progress as part of their respective committee throughout the entire duration of the program
  • Shares experiences by offering suggestions for success
  • Provides guidance in areas related to professionalism, ethics and problem solving


  • Initiates communication and works with the mentor to define expectations throughout the program
  • Takes an active role in his/her development by:
    • Developing a plan of action with mentor’s advice regarding specific assignments related to career development goals
    • Accomplishing the plan
  • Engages closely with the committee with the support of the mentor
  • Seeks advice by identifying challenges and articulating needs
  • Actively engages with mentor regarding feedback