2021 Research Exchange Call for Abstracts is Now Open!

Tue, September 29, 2020

Call for abstracts is now open! Click here to submit your abstract. The abstract submission deadline is November 18, 2020.

PRCI will be hosting its annual Research Exchange Meeting on March 2-3, 2021, at the Royal Sonesta Hotel, in Houston, Texas. The Research Exchange Meeting (REX) is scheduled each year to provide PRCI member companies, our key research partners, and external stakeholders with a report on important research results and provide a forum for an exchange of ideas. This event is the key knowledge transfer window for PRCI and will provide the attendees an opportunity to learn how to move the results into practice.

This theme for 2021 is Driving Innovation for a Sustainable Tomorrow.

The pipeline industry is operating more safely and efficiently than ever. Data clearly shows substantial advancements in operational excellence, reliability, and safety performance over the past several decades, much of which has been supported by PRCI research. While these successes are evident, there are still opportunities for improvement. Recent events and raised public awareness of the energy infrastructure have sparked the need for innovation to meet demands and expectations.

REX2021 will provide the forum for an exchange to address innovation through research and technology development to advance the industry in consideration of future challenges for the pipeline energy infrastructure and establish a path forward for PRCI. REX2021 will focus on several key areas of research, including the increased use of data to make more informed, data-driven decisions to ensure our systems and energy infrastructure are resilient to meet our future needs. While it is critical to be forward thinking and looking to the future, the industry is still in a position where decisions need to be made daily.  This has become more evident in the rapidly changing environment we are currently experiencing. Now is the time to invest in research and innovation to ensure a sustainable tomorrow, whether that tomorrow is 24 hours from now or 30 years from now, and our industry needs to drive that solution. While many operators have already made sizable investments into sustaining their systems to transition from hydrocarbons to alternative fuels, the industry continues to face the challenges of operating our systems and meeting public expectations today. REX2021 will be the opportunity for all to engage in driving innovative ways to ensure we have a sustainable future, and that future begins now.

PRCI invites abstract submissions from operators and researchers that demonstrate the beneficial application of PRCI research. The primary focus should be on the implementation of PRCI research; however, we are looking to include quality research from all areas of pipeline operations from any operator or research organization.

Abstracts are sought for multiple thematic tracks:

Geohazard Management
Inspection & Integrity Management
Corrosion Monitoring & Assessment
Data Mining & Business Analytics
Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence
Design & Materials
Construction Management
Systems Operations, Monitoring, & Maintenance
Offshore & Subsea Pipelines
Emerging Fuels (Specifically Renewable Gas and Hydrogen)